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An International Leader in Textiles

With over 20 years of expertise in silk production, Shengkun North America, Inc. is the international leader in the silk industry, an industry that we continually reshape, and redefine. Through our innovative new products that push the boundaries of what silk can do, our constantly evolving and adapting marketing strategies, and through our unique cost-cutting production methods, our vision is to take a millennial old traditional luxury product and transform it into a modern, cutting-edge silk business that breaks new ground on what silk can be. 

We are a privately held firm that has transformed textile markets all over the world. Each of the brands under the Shengkun North America label upholds our high standards to top quality products, maintains our deep commitment to reliable customer service, and, when applicable, furthers our elegant and contemporary aesthetic. The secret to our international appeal is the strength of our individual brands, each capable of providing the highest quality and largest selection of products tailored specifically for the needs of each market and niche. We are not here to become just another brand; we are penetrating new markets and changing the face of the textile industry with every new product we make. Each brand offers larger selection, lowers prices, and unique appeal; actively creating new opportunities so that our brands can continually outdo themselves.

As of 2015, Shengkun North America is thrilled to announce the opening of its newest American office in New York's historic Garment District. This latest location will allow us even better access to the American and Canadian markets while also giving us direct insight into the culture at the heart of the textile world. 

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